About Buzz2Get

We specialise in offline to online customer engagement solutions and helping businesses drive operational excellence 

Our Buzz2Get team focuses on helping businesses improve engagement with their customers, assist them in being able to deliver an even higher quality of customer experience through self-service options, and provide tools that will enable them to improve their operational efficiency and therefore increase their revenue.

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Let’s talk about about your business goals and current challenges. We’ll offer you some insight and free advice on which of our solutions would be best suited to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Promise

We are a privately owned UK based company, with an exceptional customer service record. In our eyes, the customer is king. If you require help, our team will jump into action and find you a solution – it’s in our brand’s DNA to serve you in the best possible way.

We will make you forget all the frustrations associated with overseas call centres – “sorry we’re experiencing a high demand at the moment” – and faceless large corporations who promise everything but leave you hanging.

We will remain consistent in the quality of our customer service, helping you achieve your bespoke needs and goals, which many of the well known and established companies sell the idea of but fail to deliver on. 

Featured solutions:


Reduce the number of inbound or outbound phone calls and peak time collection queues by sending your customers instant alerts on their car’s progress in the garage.


Reduce the number of inbound or outbound phone calls and peak time collection queues by sending your customers instant alerts on their car’s progress in the garage.

Why work with us?

Quick & Easy Set Up

All of our tools and solutions are really easy and time-efficient to set up. We can get you up an running with very little effort or resources

Simple to Use

We like to keep things simple and pride ourselves on offering tools and solutions that are clutter free and user-friendly

Risk Free Trial

All of our tools and solutions are cloud-based and work independently of any IT systems making them risk-free to set up and cost-effective to roll-out

Valuable Business Insight

We'll provide you with easy to read actionable data and powerful analytics, highlighting areas where efficiency can be maximised

Highly Agile

We focus on continuous improvement and further development of our tools and solutions to meet our client's needs.

Zero Contact

We offer tools and solutions that are contactless and therefore will help you to minimise the risk of potential infections to your employees and customers.

Other sectors we operate in

Providing car dealer groups and other automotive retailers with a suite of digital management solutions that drive operational efficiency and improve customer experience. ​

Providing new property developers with interactive technology that helps to generate new leads through engagement with print adverts, banners or signposts.

Providing businesses offering table service within the hospitality and the leisure industry with a multifunctional waiter calling and feedback tool. ​

Providing retail and DIY stores with an electronic queuing system and a customer service tool for instant assistance and direct access to product specific information.