New Homes

We help house builders maximise conversion rates on signposting and marketing spend by transforming promotional mediums into interactive digital touch points for home buyers to engage with. 

About Buzz2Get

We specialise in offline to online customer engagement solutions   

Our Buzz2Get Team is focused on helping businesses engage with their customers and assist them in being able to deliver an even higher quality of customer experience through self-service options. 

Quick & Easy Set Up

Our service is really simple to run and the set up requires minimal effort or resources

Stand-alone Service

Buzz2Get works independently of any IT systems making it risk-free and cost-neutral to run

Language Options

With clients all around the world, we can customise the language on our buttons


Our BuzzCodes are bespoke and offer flexible self-service options for customers

Sectors & Services

Providing new property developers with interactive technology that helps to generate new leads through engagement with print adverts, banners or signposts.

Providing businesses offering table service within the hospitality and the leisure industry with a multifunctional waiter calling and feedback tool. ​

Providing car dealer groups and other automotive retailers with a suite of digital management solutions that drive operational efficiency and improve customer experience. ​

Providing retail and DIY stores with an electronic queuing system and a customer service tool for instant assistance and direct access to product specific information.

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