Packed with a wide variety of assistance and customer convenience led functions, our Buzz2Get service helps businesses from multiple market sectors create a competitive edge using agile technology to drive operational efficiency and enrich the customer journey. The service does so, by offering customisable functionality, communication and live feedback channels, that bring benefits to both businesses and consumers alike. 

Market sectors Buzz2Get operates in:

Buzz2Get is a fresh concept in automotive retailing, bringing online convenience to the physical space of the forecourt with “offline2online” for the customer. The service helps to drive operational efficiency from stock preparation processes right through to forecourt sales.

Retail Industry 

When implemented in retail or DIY stores, Buzz2Get switches into an electronic queuing system and becomes a platform providing specific services or specialist information to customers.


Hospitality Industry 

In a hospitality or leisure setting, Buzz2Get becomes a waiter calling and customer experience tracking tool, enabling businesses to control, measure and respond to even the smallest performance dips and highlights. 

Key business benefits of using Buzz2Get:

  • Implement buzz2get easily without the need for in house development or solution integration.
  • Track operational performance using the insight reports and drive marginal gains.
  • Identify training needs and support staff engagement through metrics and reporting.Deliver seamless convenience and exceptional experiences to your customers to boost their loyalty.
  • Collect live customer feedback and real-time flags on service complaints, managing them before they reach social media.
  • Use buzz2get across multiple fascia’s having different requirements without the need for bespoke development.
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