Buzz2Get New Homes

Bringing digital marketing onto your development site to connect offline homebuyers with your online offering.

We help housebuilding companies increase their conversion rate on signposting & marketing spend, by turning those promotional mediums into interactive digital touch points for home buyers to engage with.  

Here's how we do it

We will generate a set of extremely targeted BuzzCodes for you to display on your signposting so that when house buyers pass your development site or individual plots they will be able to use their smartphone camera to point, scan and access location specific information or connect with your sales team in a quick and simple way. 

Key Benefits

  • Offline-to-Online Lead Generation – Support your multichannel digital marketing efforts by getting your offline and online channels to work together. 
  • Interactive Customer Touch Point – Transform your signposts and print advertising into visual cues that visitors can interact with. 
  • Browser Cookies – Send your website cookies directly to your clients smartphones, feeding user preferences directly inyo tour digital marketing funnel. 
  • Brand Engagement – Maximise the amount of opportunities for visitors to engage and re-engage with your brand by increasing the number of touch points with which they can interact. 
  • Easily Measurable ROI – Quantify the success of using your BuzzCodes by looking at customer conversions and website traffic. 

Key Features

  • Quick and Easy Set-Up

We like to keep things ultra simple for our clients and so creating and connecting our BuzzCodes for them is a vital part of that.

Cloud-based Solution

Our BuzzCodes work independently of any IT systems making them risk-free and cost-neutral marketing solutions to run.

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