Maximising dealership profits by reducing preparation process wait times

When delivery expectations are set, car dealers tend to focus their attention on lead time metrics to get a predictable answer. Lead time, which is measured in elapsed time (minutes, hours, etc) refers to the total time it takes for work to move through the value stream. In this scenario, that’s the total time it takes to prepare a car for resale, from the moment it enters the preparation process all the way until it’s ready to be moved onto the forecourt.  (more…)

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How incremental changes can improve profit margins

Defining incremental changes

Incremental changes can be described as low risk to pilot initiatives, designed to improve particular tasks by simplifying them.

They can yield multiple benefits while driving operational efficiency in a highly cost-effective manner – quick and easy to implement, unlike complex digital transformation projects. Thereby making them strategically attractive to undertake and allow a clearly visible return on investment. 


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