Automated T-Card System

Increase your aftercare revenue

Want to improve your post-purchase service and drive customer loyalty in order to increase your aftercare revenue? 

Our Automated T-Card System enables car dealerships, workshops and garages to simplify their communication process and create time-saving improvements that have a significant impact on their customer’s experience and as a result lead to more sale opportunities. 

How does it work?

The T-card view provides a clear visual display of every car’s progress status and location as it goes through your service centre real time. The staff can also receive instant alerts when customers arrive to either drop off or pick up their car, which will be time and date stamped in an orderly queue. 

Live Customer Tracker

As an add on, we also offer a Live Customer Tracker, which helps to  deliver an over an above customer experience by allowing your customers to check their vehicle’s progress, and will help them to better manage their own expectations and vehicle pick up times. 

Our Live Customer Tracker comes in two formats, so that you can choose how much detail your customers can have access to. 

It effectively reduces the number of inbound and outbound phone calls as well as customer queues at peak collection time.


Key Benefits

By implementing our Automated T-Card System you will avoid communication delays and cut down on customer service workload

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set Up

Our approach is all about keeping it simple and easy to adopt. We can match our Automated T-Card System's functionality to your specific requirements, and have it set up within a matter of days

Risk Free Trial

Our Automated T-Card System is an off the shelf cloud-based digital tool that requires no integration with your existing IT systems. We have developed it this way to ensure our trials are time-efficient to set up and cost-effective to roll-out

Simple To Use

We’ve put a lot of effort into making our automated T-card system clutter free and user-friendly. We want our clients to find it easy to adapt to, and effortless to read our live data feeds & insight reports

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