Car Prep Accelerator

Optimise your car preparation process

Want to prepare your cars for resale quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in order to increase stock turn and maximise profit margins?

Our Car Prep Accelerator enables used car dealerships, workshops and garages to reduce all of those key pressure points, create immediacy and streamline the car preparation process through real-time vehicle tracking and data analytics.

How does our tool work?

When a new car arrives at the preparation centre, a garage or a workshop it gets issued with one of our QR codes. 

That QR code is then scanned by your staff at every stage of the car preparation process using our app. When scanned, the app determines the user’s responsibility and opens up a relevant set of buttons and automated checklists for different stages of the process. 

Every time our QR code gets scanned, it is automatically time and date stamped. The car’s progress status and location are recorded, and so the entire journey through the preparation process is tracked in real time. Depending on your set up, we will export live data to an existing system, an Excel sheet or our own reporting dashboard. 

With this level of immediacy, accuracy and operational insight, you will be able to spotlight process bottlenecks effortlessly and make educated decisions that will significantly improve your operational performance and productivity levels.

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    Key Benefits

    Real Time Vehicle Tracking

    Track your stock’s progress within the individual stages of the process, such as the MOT inspection, servicing, repairs or valeting

    Automated Data Entry

    Embrace digital transformation and go paperless to eliminate human error and delays in internal communication

    Live Data Feed

    Gain insight and stay aware of what is happening across your entire car preparation process at any given point

    Key Features

    Quick and Easy Set Up

    Once we’ve learnt what success looks like to you and matched our tool’s functionality to your specific goals, we will have our car prep accelerator set up and ready to use within a matter of days

    Risk free trial

    Our car prep accelerator is an off the shelf cloud-based digital tool that requires no integration with the existing IT systems. We have developed it this way to ensure our trials are time-efficient to set up and cost-effective to roll-out

    Simple Tool

    We’ve put a lot of effort into making our tool clutter free and user-friendly. We want our clients to find it easy to adapt to our car prep accelerator and effortless to read our live data feeds & insight reports

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