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Why Monitor the Vehicle’s Journey in Service Workshops

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With ever decreasing vehicle sales margins, car dealerships now focus on aftersales and the service workshop to maintain profitability. Here’s 4 reasons why knowing the real time vehicle journey through the workshop proves important and beneficial to dealership’s performance. 


  • Making Time – Skills resourcing (or loading) and idle time between jobs on a single vehicle is a major challenge for workshop control. With the view of a vehicle journey in real time through the workshop process saving just 15 MINUTES of the technician’s time a day, dealerships could create an additional 1 HOUR and 15 MINUTES of the technician’s chargeable time per week.
  • Delivering a Better Customer Experience – Honesty, transparency and keeping the customer informed are key to delivering an exceptional customer experience and maintaining brand credibility. Using real time digital tools enables dealerships to provide customers with a way to follow their vehicle through the workshop and offer collection times that are most convenient to them.
  • Carry Overs and Courtesy Car Management – Providing the opportunity for the customer to collect their vehicle quicker and potentially reducing carry overs also helps to maximise courtesy car usage, increase customer appointments requiring courtesy cars leading to better customer experience and ultimately easier loan car management.
  • Where is the vehicle now – A key challenge for car dealerships and service centres on both larger or smaller sites is space and parking. With a larger site the customer’s car can become anonymous and may get parked in one of the various locations available. In comparison, smaller sites may even run separate facilities just for car parking. Time spent looking for the vehicle not only imparts on the customer’s experience and wastes both, the customer’s and the service advisor’s time on pick up, but it can also have a cumulative impact in-between each service operation.

With a focus on technology and hardware vehicle monitoring is often associated with GPS, wifi beacons, proprietary equipment and other physical devices, which are not only costly and time consuming to install but also have GDPR implications.

Spending time with the dealerships, after sales, workshop control and their customers we really understand what they all want. Our new aftersales module helps deliver a customer experience that is expected, easy to use real time operational tools and uncomplicated analytics.

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