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How incremental changes can improve profit margins

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Defining incremental changes

Incremental changes can be described as low risk to pilot initiatives, designed to improve particular tasks by simplifying them.

They can yield multiple benefits while driving operational efficiency in a highly cost-effective manner – quick and easy to implement, unlike complex digital transformation projects. Thereby making them strategically attractive to undertake and allow a clearly visible return on investment. 

An incremental change example 

Automating data entry during a physical stock check is an excellent example of a highly effective incremental change. 

WHY IS THAT? Physical stock check is a task of great importance (and a requirement by many financiers). Manually tallying and recording data in the digital age doesn’t make sense, and could be enhanced through technology.

FOR EXAMPLE, our unique Stock Audit Tool allows any member of staff within the dealership to scan a code on the car, then move onto the next car, and so on, creating a fully audited trail of stock in just a single touch of a button. Each car is accounted for along with its exact location in less than 5 seconds.

THE KEY BENEFIT: By having your staff collect data electronically using a wifi-enabled mobile device, you will gain access to real-time inventory reports and insight. Double data entry and human error will become a thing of the past as the speed and accuracy of this incremental change transform your dealership’s operational efficiency to another level. 

The ripple effect of incremental changes

HOW TO MAXIMISE THE BENEFIT OF A SINGLE CHANGE? By the same token, in addition to rolling out the task of monitoring your stock, you can combine our Stock Audit Tool with our Car Prep Accelerator.  This monitors each vehicle’s journey as it passes through the car preparation process.  

In doing so, your dealership can continue to decrease time inefficiencies even further and have complete control and transparency of each car at any given point.

EVERY SAVING OPPORTUNITY COUNTS. To put it into perspective, skills resourcing and idle time between jobs on a single vehicle is a major challenge for workshop control. With the view of a vehicle journey in real-time through the workshop process saving just 15 minutes of the technician’s time a day, your dealership could create an additional 1 hour and 15 minutes of the technician’s chargeable time per week.

Safe time and money at the various stages, to find out more about our Stock Audit Tool or the Car Prep Accelerator please contact our colleague Sue for a full demonstration. 

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