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Car-Mad Dad? Car Facts Disc is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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With Father’s Day (Sunday 21 June) just around the corner, and shopping opportunities for the perfect gift still largely locked down, Buzz2Get has created the ideal present for car enthusiasts – the Car Facts Disc.

The Car Facts Disc is designed for classic and sports car entusiast owners to provide detailed information on their pride and joy with other car buffs.

Designed to mimic the look of the UK’s old paper car tax disc, the Car Facts Disc system boasts state-of-the-art software which allows car owners to easily and quickly upload details about their vehicle’s history and restoration journey along with images, video and even hire rates availability for film or wedding use. It can also show if the car is for sale.

Passers by spotting the disc in the car’s windscreen then simply use their smartphone camera to scan a unique BuzzCode on the disc that links to the uploaded information on the Car Facts Disc portal, with the information then being displayed instantly on the phone screen.

Aside from quickly and easily letting interested viewers get more details about a car, the Car Facts Disc also means owners can archive their precious classic car’s history in whatever level of detail they choose to share and even, potentially, add value by properly documenting the vehicle’s provenance.

Whether dad races his classic, participates in club events as an exhibitor or simply enjoys it as his daily drive the addition of the Car Facts Disc means anyone with a smartphone can easily view the car’s story and other information with just a simple tap or two. There are no apps to download, or other digital hurdles to overcome.

The inspiration for the Car Facts Disc came from Buzz2Get’s Managing Director, Paul Tombs. A passionate classic car enthusiast who owns several noteworthy cars, including a 1904 Cadillac Model B which was the “feature car”of the 2015 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, Paul has long harboured an ambition to create a more modern way to share information about his cars than simply using old-fashioned laminated fact sheets.

Paul explained: “After years of attending owners’ club events and classic car shows, where information about individual cars was patchy at best, and often completely absent, I came to feel that learning about cars when stood in front of one was virtually impossible unless you were lucky enough to meet the owner in person. With the Car Facts Disc I have created a really simple method for car fanatics, like me, to share our personalised car trivia in a way that allows anyone with a smartphone who stands by car to view it quickly and easily.

“For owners, the Car Facts Disc also delivers a means for them to document their car’s story in an easily accessible and editable digital format withough going to the trouble and expense of setting up and hosting bespoke websites or complex blog pages”.

The software behind the Car Facts Disc integrates seamlessly with the vast majority of modern smartphones, and there are no ongoing hosting fees or hidden charges.

Priced from just £17, the Car Facts Disc is available via