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Rybrook Volvo sets the trend with digital sales tools

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Rybrook is at the forefront of Automotive Retail again with a new initiative from Buzz2Get Auto to enhance the Volvo Retail Experience on its Warrington & Chester forecourts.

The Volvo Retail Experience is a new way of retailing designed to make customers feel relaxed and at ease in an environment that informs.

Scandinavian styled showrooms and Volvo Retail concepts are designed to remove some of the perceived barriers between dealers and their customers and improve trust, customer service and overall impression of the brand. 

By transforming the car on the forecourt into its own digital information hub, Buzz2Get Auto allows customers to use  their own smartphones to find out more, ask for help or even take a test drive on demand whilst still on the forecourt, all in a way in which they are comfortable, relaxed and trust.

Although the Buzz2Get customer may initially be unaccompanied, their cars of interest and progress through the buying journey are visible to the Sales Team allowing them to engage at the appropriate moment, respond immediately with the keys or offer further help to guide them into the sales process.

Buzz2Get Auto also operates out of hours helping to extend the Volvo Retail Experience even when the forecourt is closed helping to capture visitors and offer easy options to book a test drive, obtain a part exchange valuation or monthly costs whilst on the forecourt.

With the Volvo brand successfully appealing to a younger audience Rybrook are keen to extend the online experience to the forecourt and provide additional digital touch points and although offering another information stream they want to retain the personal experience of dealing with a sales person.

Alongside the changing customer buying trends, Buzz2Get Auto helps dealerships blend the online experience with the forecourt whilst also giving the sales team tools to be able to apply traditional techniques.

The system has already been well received by the new digital customer base and traditional visitors to the Rybrook forecourts and has proved to give sales staff unique insight into the cars of interest as a method of prequalifying making it an essential part of the modern sales tool kit.

If you are a progressive dealer group looking for more customer engagement  or to set yourself apart in the changing market place contact Chris Scoot ( to arrange a live demonstration and see first hand how Buzz2Get Auto can benefit you.