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Is departmental isolation of data crushing profits in dealerships?

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Departmental isolation of data kills collaboration and notoriously interferes with value creation. According to Walter Scott, one of the biggest reasons for departmental isolation is the resentment of being held accountable. In his recent article published in Forbes, Walter perfectly describes how departmental isolation looks like and the problems it creates: 

“If I’m the CEO and I’m unhappy with sales I go to the sales team to understand but they may blame marketing. Each team uses its own data because they want to preserve the dataset that supports their point of view. In this pattern of behaviour, if you control your own data, no one can hold you accountable. Silos defeat collaboration and stymie value creation”.

To prevent departmental isolation of data from happening businesses need to identify and line up their trackable interactive points and key performance indicators.

Data from all different databases should be collated into one clear analytical overview, where it can be used by key decision makers to take further business actions. The ability to see the bigger picture is incomparably more valuable than having access to individual department reports.

Let’s look at an example that struggles with passing on data to highlight the importance of seamless data collection methods and access to real time data by various departments to help businesses optimise their operational efficiency and support maximisation goals.

EXAMPLE: Several specialists or micro groups are involved in the process of preparing a car for resale. They will communicate verbally or physically pass the car onto the next stage. For reasons such as lack of time or adequate logging resources they will not exchange data with their fellow workmates or other departments about the car’s progress leaving managers with no metrics that could have been used to improve their current processes. A single person is responsible for data entry, and by the time he or she enters the collective batch of updates into the system, the marketing and sales team is left with no or very little lead time to promote or create interest around the cars that are coming onto the forecourt.

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