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How to boost customer experience using incremental improvements 

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Incremental improvements are one of the smartest methods of maintaining market share within a volatile industry.

The one thing that is always worth continuous improvement is the delivery of customer service. Being able to attract and therefore retain customers with exceptional customer experience is a powerful competitive advantage. 

Incremental Improvements at the Forecourt

Our buzz2get service provides dealerships with simple tools and actionable insight to spot incremental improvements and therefore help their customer service stand out from their competitors.

Quite simply, we equip dealerships with individual QR codes to display on each of their cars. When scanned using the latest smartphone camera, a QR reader app or our branded app, customers can access thorough car information or request further assistance. Simultaneously, the customer’s digital activity on the forecourt is tracked and managed in real time by sales advisors and managers. In effect, our QR code helps dealerships to:

  • Maximize forecourt sale opportunities
  • Pre-qualify unaccompanied customers to identify hot leads
  • Alert the sales team of customers ready to buy in real time
  • Alert the staff of customer’s buying intentions
  • Engage with customers even when the sales team is busy
  • Enhance Customer Experience by offering seamless convenience
  • Eliminate the barriers of the sales process
  • Significantly improve the speed of service

By offering self-service as an option on the forecourt you are providing customers with seamless convenience to getting your attention or simple on hand information. The effortless switch between “offline2online” helps to keep customers engaged and eliminate any time constraining barriers throughout their car browsing process.

The simple implementation of our QR codes is particularly useful for live customer management and even key management. To request a demo or find out more about the benefits of our service to car dealers please contact Chris Scoot.