Buzz2Get Waiter

A multifuntional ‘waiter calling’ tool for instant table service.


Popular amongst restaurants, beach clubs, hotels, private yachts and conference rooms all around the world. 

In our client's words

Buzz2Get Waiter is an advanced version of the old ‘SERVICE BELL’. It allows customers to call for table service as and when they need it. 

Some of our client’s refer to it as ‘AN EXTRA PAIR OF EYES’ because it supports their waiting staff during peak times and encourages customers to repeat orders given that little bit of extra simplicity when trying to get the waiter’s attention.

Others found Buzz2Get Waiter IRREPLACEABLE when used in services that offer high level of privacy or exclusivity.

How does it work?

Customers simply point at and scan the BuzzCode from their table using their own smartphone camera, our Buzz2Get app or a generic QR reader app and hit “Press for Service”.

 Their request appears instantly on your BuzzStation, alerting your staff to attend them. 

What results can you expect?

Buzz2Get Waiter supports operational performance by addressing 3 main pressure points and helping you to:

 Reduce customer wait times, increase the number of repeat orders and deliver an even better customer experience

How to get started

Order Buzz2Get Waiter – Here’s what’s included:

We offer a subscription based service priced at £75 (US $95) per month with a minimum sign on for 4 months. The service includes the set up of your account and a pdf with pre-generated set of BuzzCodes for up to 100 tables (each BuzzCode is unique and gets assigned to 1 table). 

Download the BuzzStation app onto a WiFi enabled tablet and log in using your new account details

Our BuzzStation is designed to receive your customer’s service requests and show you the location and the time that they were made. The app displays information in real time and therefore must stay open and be visible to your staff at all times. The BuzzStation is also compatible with smartphones.

Print out and display the issued BuzzCodes on your tables

You will have to purchase a set of acrylic or glass coasters to put your BuzzCodes in (similar to these), unless you have a different idea on how you wish to display them. 

And Finally – Tell your staff and customers about the service

Introducing Buzz2Get Waiter to you customers is as important as telling your entire staff about it, so make sure your staff knows how our service works and gets used to keeping an eye and responding to requests on the BuzzStation. 

Bespoke Enquiries

Want to use Buzz2Get Waiter for operations bigger than 100 tables, in multiple locations or enquire about setting up additional service buttons? Great, just call or send us an email a let’s get talking.

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set Up

Our service is really simple to run and the set up requires minimal effort or resources

Stand-alone Service

Buzz2Get Waiter works independently of any IT systems making it risk-free and cost-neutral to run

Language Options

With clients all around the world, we can customise the language on our buttons


Our Buzzcodes come with a single button, however you can enquire and add additional ones, for e.g. "Request the bill"

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