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Buzz2Get Hospitality provides businesses operating within the hospitality and the leisure arena with a multifunctional ‘waiter calling’ tool for customer service on demand. 

Our tool is ideal for, but not limited to hotels, restaurants, private yachts or beach resorts that want to drive operational excellence, improve customer service and deliver an even better customer experience.

How does our tool work?

Our tool is an advanced version of the old ‘service bell’. It reduces the stress associated with getting the waiter’s attention by empowering customers to request table service as and when they need it. 

Quite simply, customers scan a Buzzcode from their table using their own smartphone camera, our Buzz2Get app or a generic QR reader app and use the ‘Press for Assistance button’.  Their request will appear instantly on the BuzzStation alerting the staff to attend the customer. 

Key Benefits

  • REPEAT ORDERS – Capturing those elusive ‘second orders’ can make all the difference to a businesses bottom line. Buzz2Get Hospitality helps and encourages the customers to ask for another round of drinks or side orders through the simplicity of it’s use, improving their customer experience which is indicative of your business’s performance.
  • CUSTOMER WAIT TIMES – Buzz2Get Hospitality reduces the waiting time to get the bill, regarded as a major customer complaint area. Customers are able to alert the waiter to prepare and deliver their bill to the table with just a click of a button.

    By joining up with Buzz2Get Hospitality you will be going a growing number of hospitality and leisure merchants looking to be recognised as market leaders in outstanding customer experience.

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set-Up

We like to keep things ultra simple for our clients and implementing our tool effortlessly is a vital part of that.

Cloud-based Solution

Buzz2Get Hospitality is a standalone digital tool that works independently of any IT systems making it a risk-free and cost-neutral service to run.

Flexible Functionality

Our Buzzcodes come with a single "Press for Assistance" button, however you can enquire and add additional customer service led buttons.

How to get started

Complete the contact form below and we will email you back with a highly competitive quote. Once you’re ready to proceed we will register your venue onto our system and email you a set of Buzzcodes to display on your tables. Your final step is setting up your BuzzStation for which you will require an Wi-Fi enabled tablet and your Buzz2Get username and password.

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