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Buzz2Get Hospitality provides businesses operating within the hospitality and the leisure arena with a multifunctional waiter calling and feedback app that allows customers to get instant table service. 

The app is ideal for, but not limited to hotels, restaurants, private yachts or beach resorts that want drive operational excellence, improve customer service and deliver an even better customer experience.

How does our app work?

Our multifunctional waiter calling and feedback app is an advanced version of the old ‘service bell. It reduces the stress associated with getting the waiter’s attention by empowering customers to request instant table service as and when they need it. 

Customers can use the app to call the waiter, order another round of drinks, request the bill, access promotional offers, leave valuable feedback or even browse through and order on-site merchandise. The service options available to them will depend on the business environment in which the app is being used in. 

All they have to do, is use the Buzz2Get app to scan the QR code from their table and select one of the service options. Their requests will instantly appear on the BuzzStation alerting the staff to attend the customers immediately.

Key Benefits

  • MONITOR AND IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE – Understanding the bottlenecks and performance dips in your service allows you to improve the customer experience and therefore continuously drive operational excellence. Optional insight reports; including NPS scores, customer waiting times and live feedback can help you to monitor, control and respond to even your smallest businesses performance changes.
  • REPORTING – Buzz2get Hospitality has the capability to provide businesses with a 360-degree overview report on waiting performance from individual venues up to geographical locations and chains. The app constantly collects insightful customer service data which can be otherwise hard to get a hold of, in reality is an incredibly useful tool to monitor and therefore spot areas for improvement.


  • THE SIGN OF EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – By joining up with Buzz2Get Hospitality you will be joining a growing number of hospitality merchants looking to be recognized as market leaders in outstanding customer experience. The brand is recognizable across the globe for its customer orientation and devotion to serve as a great service boost in many different establishments.
  • MYSTERY SHOPPING TOOL – Our app can also be used as a Mystery Shopper Tool. Even with only 3-4 customers using our app per day it’s equivalent to 100 mystery shoppers per month. This is a much more statistically robust sample than 1 or 2 dedicated mystery shop visits, especially since the app is able to cover all times of the day and all types of customer.​

  • REPEAT ORDERS – Capturing those elusive ‘second orders’ can make all the difference to a businesses bottom line. Buzz2Get Hospitality helps and encourages the customers to ask for another round of drinks or side orders through the simplicity of it’s use, improving their customer experience which is indicative of your business’s performance.
  • CUSTOMER WAIT TIMES – Buzz2Get Hospitality reduces the waiting time to get the bill, regarded as a major customer complaint area. Customers are able to alert the waiter to prepare and deliver their bill to the table with just a click of a button.

How to get started

Complete the contact form below and we will email you back with a highly competitive quote. Once you’re ready to proceed we will register your venue onto our system and email you a set of QR codes to display on your tables. Your final step is setting up your BuzzStation for which you will require an Wi-Fi enabled tablet. 

You can download the BuzzStation here: 

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