Buzz2Get Interactive

Offline to Online Lead Generation Solution

Ideal for event managers and marketing teams that want to generate up to 30% more leads from events and product placements

Buzz2Get Interactive is the only lead generation solution available on the market that transforms every vehicle showcased at any event or a trade show into a highly interactive customer touch point. It encourages offline to online engagement with the car dealer and their brand resulting in event visitors being entered directly into your digital marketing funnel.

How does it work?

Offline to Online Engagement

Visitors scan the on-car BuzzCode with their own smarpthone camera or our Buzz2Get app which opens a set of 4 different engagement buttons, each of which will be connected directly to your preffered webpage or contact form.

Highly Interactive Customer Touch Point

We pre-configure and send you a set of eye-catching windscreen flashes with unique BuzzCodes to display on your cars for visitors to intuitively scan and engage with. 

 Proactive Lead Generation

Ultimately this helps to automatically feed your lead nurturing funnel with online visitors who have preferred to browse un-accompanied or through curiosity in your offline space, all whilst physically engaging with your brand.

How will your Marketing and Sales Team benefit?

Browser Cookies

Use our solution to send your website cookies directly to your visitor's smartphone, feeding user preferences directly into your digital marketing funnel

Offline to Online Lead Generation

Support your multichannel digital marketing efforts by getting your offline and online channels to work together

Interactive Customer Touch Point

Transform your cars into exhibits that interact with the event visitors on two levels: physical and digital

Fast Follow-Up

Drive enquiries in real time directly into your CRM system whilst the event is still on.

Brand Engagement

Maximise the amount of opportunities for visitors to engage and re-engage with your brand by increasing the number of touch points with which they can interact

Easily Measurable ROI

Quantify the success of using Buzz2Get Interactive by looking at customer conversions and website traffic to further evaluate the performance of your events

Did you know that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage (e.g., website, social media, mobile, in person) and that 56% are willing to share data to receive faster and more convenient service 
– Salesforce, 2017 

What you need to do

 Before the Event 

1. Order Buzz2Get Interactive
(at least 3 days prior to your next event)

During the Event

 2.  Place the Buzzcode in the middle of the issued windscreen sticker and then stick it onto the car that you have on display.  

3. Encourage your visitors to scan the Buzzcode of the windscreen and feel free to handout the additional business card sized Buzzcodes.

After the Event 

4. Follow-up with your newly captured leads.

What's in the kit?

Your Buzz2Get Interactive Kit will include: 

Bespoke connection button set-up | 10 x 2 Types of Windscreen Sticker | Up to 10 x Unique BuzzCodes for the Exhibiting Cars

Priced at £499 

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set Up

We like to keep things ultra simple for our clients and implementing our solution for them is a vital part of that.​

Stand-alone Service

Buzz2Get Interactive is a stand-alone solution package that works independently of any IT systems making it a risk-free and cost-neutral service to run.


Our Buzzcodes come with a single set of personalised buttons by our clients that are linked up with URLs of their choosing.