Buzz2Get Retail

On Demand Customer Service Tool
department and hardware stores that want to maximise their in-store sales.

We understand the challenges that in-store staff reductions impose on retail companies and their sales figures. Driving operational efficiency doesn’t always however, reduce the number of customer walkouts.

And that, is exactly the sort of challenge that our tool helps to overcome. With Buzz2Get Retail, customers requiring personal assistance simply ‘get it on demand’. That means more sale opportunities for you and less frustrations for your customers.  

How Does it Work?

You will be issued with a set of BuzzCodes to be displayed around the aisles where customer assistance is in high demand.

Customers can then scan them using their own smartphone camera, our Buzz2Get app or a generic QR reader app and simply tap on the ‘press for service’ button which will alert your staff to attend them immediately. 

It really is as simple as it is effective. 

Key Benefits

Maximise Sale Opportunities

Make your staff available to customers on demand by providing them with an advanced version of the old ‘service bell’ to reduce the stress associated with trying to find a member of staff.

Excel at Customer Service

Reduce the number of customer walkouts by implementing interactive touch points for customers to engage with the brand and your customer service assistants.

Easily Measurable ROI

Quantify the success of using Buzz2Get Retail by looking at the number of sales the service generates and compare its running cost vs one employees wage.

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set-Up

We like to keep things ultra simple for our clients and implementing our tool for them is a vital part of that.

Cloud-based Solution

Buzz2Get Retail is a standalone solution package that works independently of any IT systems making it a risk-free and cost-neutral service to run.

Flexible Functionality

We offer bespoke settings for clients that want to benefit further from driving offline-to-online traffic with additional set of customer buttons.

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