Buzz2Get COVID-19 contactless solution helping to minimise risk to both employees and customers

Interactive Forecourt

Maximise your car sale opportunities post COVID-19 Lockdown

We supply used car dealerships and automotive retailers with zero contact solutions that allow car buyers to safe browse through the forecourt and therefore continue to comply with social distancing parameters ensuring that as the lockdown eases both: employees and customers safety continues to be handled with upmost care.

How does Buzz2Get help to maximise sales & after sales?

With a quick scan of the BuzzCode on the windscreen, Buzz2Get gives car buyers instant online access to the vehicles sales details or further information direct from the DMS and third party data such as an AA or RAC inspection. In addition, the service allows them to view financing options, book a test drive or request keys at their convenience all whilst on the forecourt.

Furthermore, the service continues to operate once the buyer has taken possession of the car, providing an easy method for them to return to the car dealership for after sales service. This not only helps the dealership to create customer loyalty with them, but also a “lifetime value” of the vehicle by providing a method of connecting ANY subsequent owner to that dealership.

Key Benefits

Drive Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time and cost of the preparation process by monitoring the stock’s progress before it reaches the forecourt.

Maximise Sales

Pre-qualify unaccompanied customers and maximise car sale opportunities through an active capture of forecourt visitors.

Enhance Customer Experience

Deliver seamless convenience and increase engagement levels by creating interest to customers who prefer to browse.

Key Features

Quick and Easy Set Up

Our service is really simple to run and the set up requires minimal effort or resources

Risk free trial

Buzz2Get is an off the shelf cloud-based service that requires no integration with the existing IT systems. We have developed it this way to ensure our trials are time-efficient to set up and cost-effective to roll-out

Valuable Business Insight

Our service tracks operational performance and provides powerful analytics and actionable data highlighting tracked KPI’s and areas where efficiency can be maximised

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