Buzz2get Auto - The Virtual Forecourt Sales Advisor

Buzz2get Auto App is a “no risk” stand alone portal developed for the automotive retail sales industry to support forecourt sales processes. It offers customers immediate access to specific vehicle information direct from the DMS whilst on the forecourt and also gives them options to request further help when they feel comfortable.

Buzz2get Auto App continues to operate once the customer has taken possession of the car, providing an easy method for them to return to the car dealership for after sales service, not only helping to create loyalty with them, but also a “lifetime value” of the vehicle by providing a method of connecting ANY subsequent owner to that car dealership.

buzz2get auto - business benefits

Simple set up with no in house development or integration required.

Increased operational efficiency with real time customer management at hand.

Seamless convenience leading to exceptional customer experiences.

Powerful analytics and data reports highlighting tracked KPI’s.

Maximised car sale opportunities through an active capture of forecourt visitors.

Higher ROI on the lifetime value of loyal customers with easy access to after sale services.

Live customer feedback access enhancing both: customer’s journey and the brand’s reputation.

Buzz2Get Auto - Key features

virtual forecourt sales advisor
Buzz2get sales station
after sales service assistant

buzz2get auto - how it works

During the car’s on boarding process a unique buzz2get QR code is generated.

The code relates to the car’s registration and is then printed onto the specification sheet.

The buzz2get app is available on iOS and Android for visitors to download.

Whilst on the forecourt, visitors scan the buzz2get QR code to access 6 functionality buttons.

The app provides car’s specification and relevant sub menus to offer either car dealer’s website functions or on site service functions.

The buzz2get sales station app is available on iOS and Android for the sales advisor to download.

When used by the visitors, action buttons like “Call Assistance” or “Keys to Unlock” are displayed on the buzz2get sales station app.

The station shows car’s registration, model, key number, location and the length of time the action is open for the salesman to respond.

Once the car is sold, the buzz2get QR code switches into an After Sale Service Assistant tool for the new owner.