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Simplifying Mobility Insight for Transport Operators 

Earlier this week at Catapult, Transport Cafe, Buzz2Get announced they were looking for partners and collaborators to help provide easier channels for passenger feedback within the public transport sector.

Key Challenge: Collecting Customer Feedback 

In the age of digital immediacy consumers have become feedback adverse and only feel compelled to speak in polarised situations. This is due in part, to the general feeling that surveys are far too long and within the transport sector there is no real clarity on how to engage with operators one to one.

Passenger frustration is heightened due to the complexity of online communications when traditional paper forms have just been digitised offering a poor user experience, when all they want to do is report a faulty toilet door.

Public transport operators are actively trying to address the issues of their commuters to improve their service and shape its delivery, however, their usual channels for communications all pose challenges and can very often draw public attention to issues and may even end up actually promoting them.

We can however, still harness the power of the customer and match the immediacy of social media, by giving clear signposting and simplifying the whole experience, whilst also managing public relations.

Simple Solution: Simplified Surveys 

The Buzz2Get idea is to make it easy for passengers to talk to transport operators, by simplifying and providing convenience when they are  still on their journey and remove the need to impart personal details, obviously a bonus with the advent of GDPR in May.

We are also looking to influence a cultural shift in opinion on public transport and future mobility. If the community can have their say, in a simplified way, and in addition they start to see change based on their opinions, we may just pave the way for the shift in alternative mobility adoption.

Simplifying Mobility Insight in Action 

Using the Buzz2Get app engine we can instantly record specific information such as location, asset reference, time and date, without any customer input – couple this with a single click simple feedback mechanism we can collect volumes of data to generate in depth insight.

Additional functionality for the passenger to connect directly with the operator online and even summon accessibility assistance is contained within the app if the operator wants to take the functionality to the next level now or in the future.

New smartphone devices with automatic QR recognition built into the camera even allows the app to run without a download this enabling single use operation without any downside.

The app responds to information provided by the QR code so is able to offer a variety of options as to buttons and surveys dependent on requirements whilst also identifying the exact asset to the operator.

If there is a service issue or negative commentary, it is directed straight to the appropriate internal support channel which can be dealt with instantly helping to automatically divert it away from social media.

Opportunities with Transport Operators

We are keen to work with partners and organisations to further refine the application and address the specific challenges they may face, so please get in touch, even if it’s just for a coffee and a chat.